The Sentence Is Death .. A New Judge Death Figure That Is!

Sidney De’ath hailed from a parallel universe similar to Judge Dredd’s. However, rather than upholding the law, Sidney became obsessed with death, eventually making a pact with the Sister of Death. Along with his fellow murderous Judges, Sidney became the living embodiment of death: Judge Death.
Eventually, Judges Death escaped his reality and made it to MegaCity One. Once there, he unleashed destruction on the tightly packed city until being captured by Judge Anderson. Though Anderson was sealed away, the other Dark Judges, Fear, Fire, and Mortis, arrived to free Death, and the cycle of murder started over again.
Now Judge Death will be joining Judge Dredd in the 1:18th scale. Hiya Toys is giving their Dredd action figure a companion in August 2022. Death is priced at $19.99 and can be pre-ordered now through the Big Bad Toy Store.

Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys
Hiya Toys
Judge Death has been a surprisingly versatile villain for the 2000 AD comics and other media. The character is as straightforward as they get. He wants to end all life. However, his means of accomplishing this and how he regains his corporeal form are always intriguing.
My personal favorite story involving this Dark Judge is in the Dredd/Batman crossover with the Scarecrow. Death’s spirit manages to travel through time thanks to a device stolen by Mean Machine and ends up in present-day Gotham City. He teams up with the Scarecrow, who helps Death gain a new physical body.
Meanwhile, Batman is inadvertently sent into the distant future and MegaCity One. Here he runs across not only Mean Machine but also Judge Joe Dredd. Since vigilantism is entirely illegal in MC1, Dredd arrests Bruce after giving him one hell of a beating. It isn’t until Judge Anderson enters the picture that Batman can escape back to the present.
The graphic novel has been republished several times over the years. So, if you’re interested, it should be an easy find.
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