The Lenovo Legion Go Handheld Is Real and Pics Were Leaked!

The handheld PC gaming market is getting yet another device! The Steam Deck and ASUS ROG Ally will need to make room for the Lenovo Legion Go.

Leaked images of the upcoming Lenovo handheld were posted exclusively by Windows Report. What was shown off revealed a combination of features found on the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch.

The controls located on the sides of the Lenovo Legion Go are modular but appear to plug into the screen rather than sliding down into two slots.

While similar to the Joy-Cons, the controllers also sport several upgraded features. The image below shows a scroll wheel on the right controller and finger buttons on the grip, similar to newer programmable gamepads.

The right-hand controller also includes a trackpad, similar to the Steam Deck’s. The thumbpads appear to have LED lighting at the base.

Lenovo Legion Go Gaming Handheld

Photo Credit: Windows ReportWhile reviewing the other images, we saw that the Lenovo Legion Go will have a large kickstand. We were grateful for this upgrade when the Switch OLED was released.

The back of the handheld has a large vent running horizontally above the kickstand. There are also four large vents at the top of the system.

No dimensions are given, but the main system could be close to 3/4″ thick. Thankfully, the controllers are slopped, so your fingers won’t be too close to where all the processor’s heat will pour out.

The outputs are a little challenging to make out. There’s the obvious USB-C port and headphone jack. Next to the volume buttons looks to be a mini-DisplayPort jack.

There are stereo speakers on the top of the unit but not on the front. Two small dimples are under the display, which may be for auto-brightness or microphones.

Be sure to check out Windows Report for even more images of the upcoming Lenovo Legion Go handheld.

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