The Fantastic Four are TOO WHITE.

Disney has unveiled the cast for Fantastic Four and… they look like their comic book counterparts. And people are mad. Not a fan of Pedro Pascal as Reed, but considering that the rumor was that The Thing was a woman… it could’ve been a LOT worse. Are they actually LEARNING? Then we talk about Morph in X-Men ’97.

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Additional Context:
Ah, the tempestuous sea of superhero casting announcements, where every reveal is akin to opening Pandora’s Box, unleashing a whirlwind of fan reactions across the vast expanse of social media. This time, the eye of the storm hovers over Disney’s unveiling of the cast for the much-anticipated “Fantastic Four” reboot. Disney, in a move that has both appeased and inflamed the masses, decided to stick closer to the comic book roots in terms of the visual portrayal of these beloved characters. Yet, as the dust settles on this latest reveal, it’s clear that not everyone is ready to don their party hats.

Pedro Pascal, the charismatic chameleon of “The Mandalorian” fame, has been cast as Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic), a choice that has stirred a pot of mixed emotions. While Pascal has demonstrated an impressive range, embodying everything from a galaxy-trotting bounty hunter to a scheming prince in “Game of Thrones,” some fans question his fit for the elastic intellect of Reed Richards. This skepticism underscores a broader debate on casting fidelity versus creative liberty, a perennial hot topic in superhero cinema.

The collective sigh of relief over The Thing not being reimagined as a woman speaks volumes about fans’ attachment to the original character designs and lore. It suggests that, perhaps, Disney is tuning into the fanbase’s desires for authenticity to the source material, walking a tightrope between innovation and tradition. This decision may indicate a learning curve on Disney’s part, acknowledging the thin ice they tread on in the realm of superhero adaptations.

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