‘The Dungeon of Black Company’ English Dub Announced By Funimation

‘The Dungeon of Black Company’ is an isekai manga by Yōhei Yasumura about a real estate agent who gets transported to a fantasy world. It began publishing in December 2016 through Mag Garden and has been translated into English by Seven Seas Entertainment.
With it is popularity, it is no wonder that the Japanese animation studio Silver Link would adapt into an anime that was released in July 2019. Funimation recently acquired the distribution rights for a North American release and with it an announcement for an English voice cast.
“Ready to be transported to another world, but instead of being a hero, you’re just…stuck doing hard labor? That’s right, The Dungeon of Black Company English dub is on its way to Funimation,” they wrote in a press release. “Episode 1 of The Dungeon of Black Company English dub will be streaming on Funimation, and you won’t want to miss this comedy fantasy take on isekai.”
They continue, “The series stars English voice actors Christopher Escalante (Higurashi: When They Cry – GOU) as protagonist Kinji Ninomiya, Katelyn Barr (My Hero Academia) as Rim, and Stephen Sanders (Golden Kamuy) as Wanibe.”
The series also stars Monica Rial as the narrator, Sarah Roach as Belza, Jim Foronda as Goblin Boss, Cris George as Rim (Dragon), Ian Sinclair as Saruyama, as well as R Bruce Elliot (Skeleton Senpai). Dallas Reid will serve as ADR Director.
You can check out the trailer:

According to the premise, “Kinji Ninomiya is a NEET who has amassed enough money through real-estate investment to fund a penthouse lifestyle without ever having to work. This changes when a portal suddenly transports him to a fantasy world where he quickly ends up enslaved to a mining company extracting crystals from a dungeon. Desperate for a way out of this new poverty, Kinji tries to regain financial stability by any means necessary, gathering himself an unusual adventuring party – the titular black company – in the process.”

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