The Acolyte RUINED The Jedi!

According to Forbes, Disney Star Wars keeps ruining the Jedi, making them less powerful and less mysterious with each new movie and series including The Acolyte. OUCH.

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The portrayal of the Jedi in the Star Wars prequels and sequels has failed to capture their mythical and powerful essence, instead depicting them as mundane and bureaucratic, ultimately ruining the essence of Star Wars.

00:00 The Acolyte ruined the Jedi by changing their character and diluting the story, leading to criticism and disagreement among fans and critics.

04:45 The Acolyte ruined the Jedi by portraying them as bureaucratic and ineffective, leading to their extinction and angering fans.

07:26 The portrayal of the Jedi in the prequels ruined their mystique and made them boring, turning them from mysterious and revered to common and well-known space cops with laser swords.

09:38 The Acolyte ruined the Jedi by portraying them as less secretive and impressive, repeating the original movie, and not developing meaningful friendships and characters.

12:31 Modern entertainment prioritizes quantity over quality, neglecting character development and fidelity to the source material, resulting in The Acolyte ruining the Jedi by not earning anything.

14:33 The Acolyte’s excessive use of Palpatine and Star Destroyers is ruining the legacy of Star Wars and character arcs, leading to unfair labeling and aggressive attacks on Ray, and a decline in content quality due to mainstreaming of nerd culture.

17:09 Women not excluded from Star Wars and D and D, but audience mostly men, positive experience bonding over franchise, more acceptance now.

19:21 The Acolyte ruined the Jedi with unnecessary and confusing elements, pushing old fans out of Star Wars spaces and shaming them for liking the old stuff.

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