Alec Baldwin and Rust Armorer Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter

Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

The Hollywood trades are abuzz about the charges that finally dropped from the New Mexico shooting in October of 2021. Variety’s Hollywood Armorer Reacts to ‘Rust’ Manslaughter Charges, is a good read that shows just how out of step it seemed the Rust set was when it came to gun safety.

And while Mickey Rourke and Joy Behar have defended Baldwin, which rings with about the same credibility as O.J.’s hunt for the real killers, The Hunt for Red October actor is looking at serious charges. He is facing 18 months and if additional charges are added, a mandatory five years on top of that.

David Halls, the first assistant director that handed Baldwin the weapon, has already pleaded to six months and a fine. His sentence will be probation. This might normally be foreshadowing Baldwin’s fate, but from the sounds of the New Mexico special prosecutor and the fact that Halls will testify against the other two— Some believe Baldwin might actually be in trouble.

Certainly if he is convicted— Probation or actual jail— the actor will be more vulnerable to civil lawsuits from the crew, the film’s investors and Halyna Hutchins’ family members. Baldwin went on a media blitz after the shooting. John Nolte at Breibart covers Baldwin’s rash of mistakes— Talking to the cops without a lawyer, talking to the media in a two hour interview— Not to mention a seemingly endless parade of tweets and posts on Instagram.

One has to wonder where the movie star would be, had he just kept his mouth shut and disappeared from the public eye for two years. At 64 years old, pleading to a lesser charge to avoid jail time and apologizing to the family would seem to be the best course of action. But Baldwin’s bizarre insistence that he didn’t pull the trigger and the FBI’s counter that he did— Probably isn’t helping his case.

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