Stadia Is Dead? Long Live Google Stream?

Insiders have leaked info regarding the future of Google’s video game streaming platform known as Stadia. Unfortunately, things are not looking up for the service, which was touted two years ago as the future of gaming. Business Insider has some exclusive info regarding the future of Stadia. Sadly, this is behind a paywall. Good thing I have a subscription to the website!
From what an “insider” BI, Stadia is being rebranded as Google Stream. This could signal Google’s attempt to become more of a supplier of streaming technology rather than its own standalone platform.
While Stadia, as a platform, may have been “deprioritized” within Google the technology has not. Google is allegedly still pushing forward with deals, according to the insider. For example, Bungie was in active talks to use the Stadia tech to run a Bungie-exclusive streaming service, but that may have fallen through due to Sony’s recent acquisition of the video game studio.
Google, however, is not confirming any of these potential leaks. It would not be the first time the tech giant dropped a project with a simple shrug of the shoulds. However, the company is pressing on like everything is business as usual.
Google still anticipates the Stadia to continue forward in 2022. Business Insider received a statement from the company’s spokesman Patrick Seybold explaining the plans for the current year, “We announced our intentions of helping publishers and partners deliver games directly to gamers last year, and have been working toward that.
In regards to competition and the future of the fledgling platform, the spokesperson explained, “While we won’t be commenting on any rumors or speculation regarding other industry partners, we are still focused on bringing great games to Stadia in 2022. With 200+ titles currently available, we expect to have another 100+ games added to the platform this year, and currently have 50 games available to claim in Stadia Pro.
Google Stadia launched in a laughable state. Customers were expected to pay over $100 for a controller and a Chromecast. Performance was not guaranteed, even if you had the fastest connection currently on the market. I got my version of Stadia free for being a YouTube Premium member. Yes, things got so desperate that Google was literally giving these things away last year.
I was willing to give the system a go. So we plugged it directly into our modem and launched Little Nightmares. Oh, that wasn’t good. The black and darker areas of the background looked so blocky that it felt like an FMV from a SegaCD game. Input lag was also noticeable but not nearly as bad as we experienced on XCloud.
Oddly, Stadia performed worse than my experience with OnLive in 2011 on a slower connection. I was able to play a majority of Space Marine on it without issue. What gives, Google?
What are your thoughts on Stadia? Let us know in the comments section below.
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