‘Spirited Away: Live On Stage’ To Become Available For Digital and Blu-ray Release

The live on-stage performance of Hiyao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away classic is coming to digital and Blu-ray release in October and November. The Digital On Demand version will be available on October 24th and the Blu-ray will be available on November 14th.

Here is the latest trailer of the stage play:

Based on the 2001 Hayao Miyazaki’s Academy Award®-winning anime movie of the same name, the stage play is adapted and directed by Tony Award®-winner John Caird, who is an Honorary Associate Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company, which is a major British theatre company based in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England. The theatre company was founded in 1879. John Caird has been directing plays around the world since the 1970s, who gained international acclaim for adapting and directing the world premiere of the landmark production of Les Misérables in 1987.

The Spirited Away Stage Play was filmed during the hit production’s 2022 run at the historic Imperial Theatre in Tokyo, Japan. GKids acquired the rights to the filmed play in early 2023, releasing two separated filmed appearances of the production in select theaters on April 23, 25, and 27, and May 2 this year. The play stars Kanna Hashimoto and Mone Kamishiraishi double-cast as the lead role of Chihiro. The original voice actor from the anime movie of the sorceress Yubaba and her twin sister Zeniba will reprise the roles as the characters themselves, with voice actor Romi Park.

The original trailer from when Walt Disney had the rights to Studio Ghibli films:

The description for the Stage Play and storyline:

Hayao Miyazaki’s Academy Award®-winning animated feature film comes to life in this first-ever stage adaptation, full of dazzling sets, captivating musical numbers, and wondrous puppets of beloved characters. Adapted and directed by Tony Award®-winner John Caird (Les Misérables), two unique casts and performances were filmed during the show’s acclaimed 2022 run at Tokyo’s historic Imperial Theatre, featuring Kanna Hashimoto and Mone Kamishiraishi as Chihiro.

While traveling to their new home, Chihiro and her family stumble into a world of fantastic spirits ruled over by the sorceress Yubaba. When her parents are turned into pigs and she is put to work in a magical bathhouse, Chihiro must use her wits to survive in this strange new place, find a way to free her parents, and return to the normal world.

You can now pre-order the Blu-ray on the official GKids website or on Amazon.

Did you get a chance to see this in theaters? Are you interested in seeing it on digital or Blu-ray? Let us know in the comments below!

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