SILENCE BRAND! Stay OUT of the ‘Culture Wars’ if You Want MONEY!

According to a recent article on Axios, companies NEED to stay out of the ‘culture war’ if they want to stay profitable and sell products to EVERYONE. They cite Disney as an example of what NOT to do to win friends and influence people. You don’t say? Then we talk about the MASSIVE amounts of media and tech layoffs announced this week because the venture capital is running out…

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According to a recent article, companies are increasingly shying away from engaging in culture wars. This trend has emerged as conservative groups and political leaders push back against corporate involvement in controversial political and cultural issues. The article suggests that companies are reevaluating their strategies and calculating the costs and benefits of speaking out on such topics. This shift is seen as a response to consumer frustration over companies expressing views they disagree with and the impact on their brand. The article also notes the challenges faced by conservatives in influencing corporate behavior and the need for a balanced approach to avoid exacerbating social divisions​​.

Writers and staff at The Onion, a part of Onion Inc., are preparing to go on strike against their parent company, G/O Media. The Writers Guild of America East (WGAE) announced that 97% of members at Onion Inc. signed a strike pledge, indicating their readiness to strike if they do not reach a fair agreement with G/O Media before their current contract expires on January 31, 2024.

The main issues at the heart of the dispute include the need for fair pay and protections against AI-generated content. The Onion Inc. Union, which includes 34 members comprising the creative staff at The Onion, The A.V. Club, Deadspin, and The Takeout, began negotiations for their second union contract with G/O Media on November 20, 2023. The union is seeking competitive compensation, raises that keep up with the cost of living, AI protections, and a slate of benefits that align with G/O Media’s stated interest in worker well-being.

G/O Media has already started using AI to replace workers and posting factually inaccurate articles, which has been a concern for the staff. The union emphasizes that employees deserve salaries that keep pace with the rising cost of living and assurance that AI-generated content will not jeopardize their employment. The strike pledge, delivered to G/O Media management, clearly states, “We are prepared to strike”​​​​​​.

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