SDCC 2022 Exclusive: It’s Bruce Lee Vs The VHS Clamshell Box!

Diamond Select

Diamond Select has an exclusive SDCC 2022 Bruce Lee, and he is hitting all the right nostalgic pressure points. The action figure comes inside a case that resembles the long-gone clamshell VHS cases. I hope it makes the same loud creaking sound I remember from childhood.
The Lee figure is decked out in the black pants shoes he wore in Enter The Dragon. Unfortunately, Diamond Select probably couldn’t get the rights to the film’s poster art, so this figure’s packaging is called Bruce Lee The Dragon.
The figure stands at 7″ tall and is priced at a surprisingly affordable $25. Not bad, considering NECA figures are going for $35+ nowadays by comparison. Only 4,000 of these Lee figures will be produced. A release date was not listed on Diamond Select’s site.
The martial arts master comes with the following accessories:

  • Nunchucks
  • Escrima sticks
  • Bo staff
  • Display base
  • (3) pairs of interchangeable hands
Diamond Select
Diamond Select
Diamond Select

This fully articulated 7-inch figure of Bruce Lee features him shirtless, in black pants, and includes nunchucks, escrima sticks, a bo staff and a display base. With interchangeable hands and over 16 points of articulation, this figure of the legendary fighter can take on an army and come out kicking!

This isn’t the only SDCC 2022 exclusive action figure to feature the VHS cover theme. Right now, there are three more that can be pre-ordered. These include John Wick, Daniel LaRusso (Cobra Kai), and Johnny Lawrence (Cobra Kai). LaRusso and Lawrence only come with display stands, while Wick comes with guns. The three figures are also $25 each and are limited to 4,000 pieces.
Now, where are the Killer Klowns From Outer Space and Nada (They Live) figures in this VHS packaging? Personally, I find these packages far more display-worthy than what we see from NECA. Then again, I’m a sucker for VHS artwork from the early ’80s. It’s something that never gets replicated with today’s DVD or Blu-ray advertising.
Let us know what you think about these action figures in the comments section below.
[Source: Diamond Select]

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