Bebop Is Looking Radical In His New 1:4 Scaled Statue

The badest mutated warthog punk is out to blast some turtles in this new PCS statue. Bebop may not be the smartest mutant, but he is the most stylish. Look at him! He’s rocking a purple mohawk, purple shades, a red vest, and turtle shell shoulder pads! Also, look at those high-top Converse shoes! Bebop was styling.
There are two versions of Bebop currently available. The Sideshow exclusive version comes with a Mouser and is $650. The statue stands at 16″ tall, 12.5″ wide, and 17″ deep. The regular 1:4 scale Bebop is priced at $625. The estimating ship date is between March and May 2023.
Rocksteady is also on the market at the same price points for both the standard and Sideshow exclusive editions. If you’re looking for the Shredder, he can be picked up for $625 here, too.

The Bebop Statue measures 16” tall and 12.5” wide, toughed up and tusked up in the fight against the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He stands on a base of cracked flooring and rubble, holding his blaster for battle. Fully sculpted based on his classic animated appearance, Bebop wears chains, grenades, and turtle shell shoulder armor in addition to a red vest, black pants, and purple shades to match his mohawk.
The Exclusive Edition of the Bebop Statue includes a proximity figure of a Mouser robot, ready to chomp through your TMNT collection alongside Shredder’s henchmen. This added display piece can be arranged anywhere in your collection, and measures 8.5” tall and 5” wide.
With the Turtles and these three villains out of the way, does that mean PCS will soon be unveiling a Kraang statue? I hope so! But which Kraang? Robot suit or the little walker version?
What do you think of the classic cartoon Bebop? Let us know your thoughts and opinions of the ’87 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle designs in the comments section below.
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