Roku’s Weird Al Biopic Trailer Looks A Little … ‘Weird’

Yes, it’s a real thing. The teaser trailer for the Weird Al biopic starring Harry Potter‘s Daniel Radcliffe is here. We spotted the video over at Variety, and it’s a little weird. While Al Yankovic’s music and videos are usually unusual, the thought of Radcliffe playing the California-based parody songwriter/signer is even stranger.
Based on the teaser, this biopic isn’t going to take itself seriously. This should be expected since Yankovic co-wrote the film along with its director Eric Appel. Appel’s previous directing duties included the TV shows Die Hart and Son of Zorn.
Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is an original movie produced by Funny Or Die for the Roku Channel. While there isn’t currently a release date, the biopic is expected to premiere this Fall.

If you’ve already watched the 1985 mockumentary The Complete Al, you may know everything you need to know about the musician and his origins. Unfortunately, the casting of Daniel Radcliffe as Al is a headscratcher. The actor’s voice does not resemble Al’s distinctive tone at all. But that may all be part of the plan.
The oddities in the casting don’t end there. The Office’s Rainn Wilson will play legendary radio DJ Dr. Demento, who helped boost Al into stardom. Evan Rachel Wood will be portraying 80’s Madonna (the only good Madonna). That’ll be interesting.
I expect the biopic to be the spiritual successor to UHF, to be honest. There will probably be many gags and hyperbole surrounding actual events in Yankovic’s early career. Will Michael Jackson appear in some sort of overblown or stylized manner? If we were to assume based on the trailer’s tone, then yes.
What do you think of the former boy wizard playing the iconic Weird Al? Let us know in the comments section below.
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