RIP DEI?! Tech Pushes for MEI and Meritocracy Instead!

Tech companies are pushing for merit over DEI initiatives, and the media is FUMING. In particular, TechCrunch cannot stand that Alexandr Wang of Scale AI is proposing MEI (Merit, Excellence, and Intelligence) and that other tech moguls like Elon Musk think it’s a great idea. How very dare they!

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The tech industry is shifting its focus from diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to meritocracy and individual excellence (MEI), leading to concerns about unfair assumptions and lack of diversity in hiring.

00:00 Silicon Valley is shifting from DEI to MEI and meritocracy, causing shock and concern in HR and media due to layoffs and hiring changes in the tech and video game industries.

01:18 Return to meritocracy in tech as DEI can lead to unfair assumptions, with companies prioritizing excellence and intelligence in hiring.

03:26 Tech companies shifting from DEI to meritocracy, emphasizing individual skills over demographic factors, facing criticism from DEI experts.

05:38 Tech industry pushing for MEI and meritocracy over DEI, arguing biases still exist in hiring and diversity initiatives causing division.

08:59 Tech pushes for MEI and meritocracy over diversity checkboxes, with criticism of offensive content and Alexander Wang’s comments.

10:55 Tech industry pushing for meritocracy and MEI over DEI, implying diverse individuals are not qualified, while also arguing that requiring ID for voting is not racist.

13:35 Tech insiders advocate for a shift from DEI to MEI and meritocracy, citing entitlement and skill deficiencies as detrimental to corporate profitability. E

15:15 Tech companies are shifting from DEI to MEI, prioritizing meritocracy and qualifications over diversity initiatives in hiring. Expand

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