RIP BuzzFeed! The Buzzards are Circling!

BuzzFeed probably won’t make it through 2024. Their stock is down to .25 cents a share and they owe MILLIONS on some bad acquisitions. Yet another digital media outlet looks like it’s going to implode this year.

Additional Context:
BuzzFeed Inc. (NASDAQ: BZFD) has experienced significant challenges in its stock performance, as evidenced by a marked decline in its share price. The company’s stock price fell by about 7.01% over the last five trading days, and it has seen a substantial drop of around 27.56% over the past month and approximately 31.23% over the past quarter. This decline has occurred in the context of a broader negative trend, with the stock’s value reducing by around 51.16% over the last 200 days.

The company’s market performance reflects deeper issues beyond just stock price fluctuation. For instance, BuzzFeed’s revenue has been declining, which contrasts with the positive revenue growth seen by many other companies. This poor revenue performance is likely a significant factor contributing to its low price-to-sales (P/S) ratio. While BuzzFeed’s P/S ratio might seem attractive at first glance, especially when compared to the industry average, investors are likely cautious due to the company’s underwhelming revenue outlook.

Analysts have mixed opinions on BuzzFeed’s stock, with some seeing it as a potential buy, while others are more reserved, recommending a hold. The consensus recommendation appears to be a hold, with a mean rating of 3.00. Analysts from Cowen, for instance, have listed BuzzFeed as a “Market Perform” with a predicted price of $2.

Despite these challenges, BuzzFeed’s financial outlook for 2024 suggests some potential for recovery. The company is expected to see revenue growth, although at a rate that is lower than the industry average. The revenue is forecasted to grow by 5.9% per annum over the next three years, compared to a 12% growth rate expected for the industry. However, BuzzFeed’s ability to capitalize on this potential growth remains uncertain, given its recent performance trends and market expectations.

In summary, BuzzFeed Inc. faces significant challenges as it moves into 2024. While there are some expectations of revenue growth, the company’s recent performance and the cautious outlook of analysts indicate that it may continue to face hurdles in improving its market position and stock value.

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