Only The Plumpest Kirby Will Win ‘Kirby’s Dream Buffet’


Kirby’s Dream Buffet will roll out next week on August 17th. So naturally, the cheeky pink ball needs to eat as much food as possible to be the biggest and best Kirby. Yes, that’s the point of the game: gluttony!

Luckily there are multiple game modes to help Kirby sin his way to the top. These were revealed today via an overview trailer on Nintendo’s YouTube Channel. It may sound simple enough to eat the most food to win, but as expected, with a Kirby game, there are powerups to help you along the way.

Palatable powers can be obtained by eating certain foods. For example, Kirby’s circumference will help you bump off other players, and the “Copy Food Ability” allows you to slam, dig underground, or fire through other players.

There are four game types to compete in. These include:

  • Gourmet Grand Prix: “Race across mouth-watering obstacle courses collecting strawberries to plump up Kirby. Play a minigame in the bonus stage between races. Then turn the tides in the battle round – a final fruity fight atop a floating platform.
  • Race: “Roll through food-themed courses collecting strawberries and Copy Foods as you race to the finish. Earn extra strawberries at cake goals at the end of the race.
  • Minigame: “Play a delectable minigame between races! Compete with other players to collect as many strawberries as possible within the time limit.
  • Battle Royale: “In the final confrontation, knock opponents off the stage to steal their strawberries. Use your Copy Food Abilities as you battle it out to see which Kirby has grown largest.

Of course, a competitive game like this wouldn’t be complete without customization. Kirby can be dressed in different costumes and colors to make him stand out next to the other rolly pollies.

Here’s a breakdown of the co-op and multiplayer modes:

  • Local two-player co-op on (1) Switch.
  • Local wireless four-player mode with (4) Switches.
  • Four players from anywhere around the globe can compete online.

[Source: Nintendo’s YouTube Channel]

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