OG Star Wars Fans ATTACKED by Collider Likes It’s 2017?!

Collider just dropped a hit piece on “toxic” Star Wars fans like it’s 2017. Yes, fans, older white dudes are the problem with Star Wars. If only you could be more loving and compassionate like the journo who got paid, like, $3 to write this article attacking fans…

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OG Star Wars fans are feeling attacked and invalidated by media outlets like Collider for their valid criticism of Disney’s Star Wars, while also being accused of hating diversity and inclusion, leading to a sense of exclusion and frustration within the fan community.

00:00 OG Star Wars fans are being attacked by Collider and CBR for criticizing Disney’s Star Wars, accused of being toxic and trolls.

02:46 Star Wars fans attacked for expressing valid criticism of the franchise, accused of hating diversity and inclusion.

05:48 OG Star Wars fans feel attacked by Collider for their criticism of the franchise, media outlets create outrage for clicks using the Gina Carano situation and political talk to attract attention.

11:01 Original Star Wars fans are being attacked by Collider and other media for their negative opinions on Disney Star Wars, while the prequel actors faced unacceptable abuse and media narrative about racial stereotypes.

14:33 George Lucas addressed lack of diversity in original Star Wars, speaker criticizes Collider for not acknowledging strong female characters, original trilogy still impactful despite critics, Collider’s modern projects lack creativity leading to decline in merchandise sales.

18:16 Collider criticized for attacking OG Star Wars fans and defending LGBTQ representation, while online hate goes both ways.

21:51 OG Star Wars fans upset with Collider for invalidating criticism of new movies, feeling excluded and attacked by those pushing a new agenda.

26:25 OG Star Wars fans are accused of the same behavior they criticize others for, and the video ends with a request to subscribe.

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