Nintendo Switch 2 Not Coming Anytime Before April 2024

Lately, it’s felt like there’s a new rumor about Nintendo’s next console that pops up every day. Many fans who have been eagerly awaiting new releases for the Nintendo Switch, such as The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, have been curious about what the next console after the Nintendo Switch will be. But while various rumors and insider reports have suggested that we could see what’s next for Nintendo fairly soon, the big publisher has put a stop to all of the speculations. Looks like Nintendo fans will be waiting quite a while for a Switch 2 console.

In a report published by Bloomberg, Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa spoke with everyone during an investor presentation and commented on what the company’s plans were moving forward. He mentioned that Nintendo did not have any plans to release brand-new console hardware within the 2023 and 2024 fiscal year. Instead, the company will focus its efforts on new releases for the current Nintendo Switch model, with big releases coming up very soon.

“Sustaining the Switch’s sales momentum will be difficult in its seventh year… Our goal of selling 15 million units this fiscal year is a bit of a stretch, but we will do our best to bolster demand going into the holiday season so that we can achieve the goal.” Said Furukawa during the investor presentation.

For those that are unfamiliar with a company’s fiscal year, this covers the timeframe from April to March of a given year. This means that we won’t see a new Nintendo console to follow the Nintendo Switch before April 2024. However, that could also mean that Nintendo fans could possibly have to wait longer as the company could decide to release new hardware long after that timeframe.

Many of the rumors passed around online through various outlets and industry insiders have suggested that a Nintendo Switch successor would be more powerful than the original model. Some have discussed that a new machine could have the ability to run games at 4K and have better overall visuals with quicker load times. Though many of the specifications thrown around have been largely unconfirmed or proven false, reports from outlets like Bloomberg in the last few years have continued to keep fans speculating.

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