New ‘Stranger Things’ Games Coming: Puzzle Tales & VR


Considering all the nostalgic strings the hit Netflix series Stranger Things pulls, the series is not as present in the video game sphere as I expected it to be. There are a few games and some DLC, but where are the big AAA affairs making use of all the great characters and creepy creatures?

It’s slow going, but at least two new Stranger Things games were announced this week, according to Superhero Hype. One is a standard mobile puzzle game, while the other is a virtual reality affair from Tempest and Tendar developer Tender Claws.

Those with an active Netflix subscription can only play the puzzle game. It is currently available for iOS and on Google Play. From what I can see in the video below, Puzzle Tales is a mixture of Bejeweled and collectible card/character games. Do you know what that tells me? Lots of in-app purchases. Sigh. Mobile gaming never changes, does it?

Players must recruit a team of Stranger Things characters, each with unique attributes. The characters can be leveled up with “gear and tools.” Think Puzzle Fighter but with RPG elements. While I may not think this is worth playing, the current ratings on Google Play put it at 4.6/5.

Battle the Demogorgon, embark on mysterious quests, collect characters and discover new storylines in this Hawkins-inspired stylized adventure game. Join Eleven and the gang in this match-3 puzzle RPG adventure that reimagines the Stranger Things universe in the style of an ’80s Saturday morning cartoon.

The VR game is a totally different affair. In this title, you’ll take on the role of Vecna and rampage through the void while seeking a way to get your revenge on the series’ heroes. It is scheduled for sometime in late 2023. Specific devices were not listed, but Tender Claws says it will be on “major” platforms. So, probably every VR device that’s currently on the market.

[Source: Superhero Hype]

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