New ‘Fallout’ Pip-Boy Replicas Are On The Way


The standard Pip-Boy 2000 Mark VI model kit has been sold out for some time, but Bethesda is finally giving Fallout fans a new chance to own a replica of the iconic wrist-worn gadget. The newly announced limited edition Pip-Boys will come in three different themes, and the new variants come with a few upgrades the original lacked:

Each will feature a light-up display screen with a Malfunction Function™ and authentic Tap-to-Fix action™, as well as illuminated vacuum tubes.

It’s unclear if these are pre-assembled or arrive as a model kit, but what we know is that each model is $180 and will be very limited in availability:

  • Vault-Tec variant: 2,200 units
  • Sugar Bombs variant: 1,300 units
  • Enclave variant: 1,500 units

Expect these Pip-Boy 2000 Mark VIs to arrive in March.


If these Pip-Boys are the same as the original, then you’ll be able to upgrade specific components … if Bethesda ever restocks those times like the FM Radio Module. However, even if the additional parts never become available, modding the Pip-Boy is relatively easy, and there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube to show you how to do it.

From the original Pip-Boy model’s product page:

Illuminate the display panel showing the Pip-Boy home screen by pressing the control unit button, and marvel as it realistically glows and flickers into life. Occasionally, however, it will falter and flicker off. When this occurs you’ll have to tap the display housing two or three times, in the most authentically vintage way, to coax the display panel back into life.

Constructed from a range of high quality engineering materials: ABS, aluminium, steel, and rubber, the Pip-Boy feels right on the arm and fits comfortably due to its robotically stitched fabric cuff. The pre-built Pip-Boy is also ready to be further enhanced with the Pip-Boy’s own special FM Radio and Sensor upgrade modules (where available) and is supplied with the tools needed for the upgrade procedure.

If these variants are similar to the original, you can expect a replica to arrive made of ABS, aluminum, steel, rubber, and fabric. In addition, the Pip-Boy comes with a removable holotape, a rotating radio dial, and a light-up screen.

[Source: Bethesda]

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