National Cinema Day 2023 Brings $4 Tickets to Theaters

Going to the movies can get pretty expensive nowadays. The costs of movie tickets for any new film released in theaters can range from around $10 for a standard digital movie, to as high as $15 or more for IMAX and Dolby screenings. And that’s before getting anything from the concession stand, which only jacks up the price even further. But an upcoming national event for one day will allow everyone to visit the movie theater for a cheap ticket price. Going to a double feature sounds like a great idea when you’re getting tickets for what feels like a steal.

On Sunday, August 27th, 2023, movie theaters around the United States will be celebrating National Cinema Day. For that day only, more than 3000 movie theaters will be selling movie tickets for all releases at just $4 a ticket. This includes all formats and all releases that are currently in theaters, as well as a few classics getting a new theatrical run. The national event is to promote and encourage people to attend theaters, as well as celebrate many of the big releases that have been coming out recently.

Jackie Brenneman, the president of the Cinema Foundation, shared some thoughts with Variety about the upcoming event and how it will benefit theaters and everyone who loves going to the movies. “Following the rousing success of the first annual National Cinema Day, we welcome everyone to join us for the communal experience of one of America’s favorite pastimes… movie going… We look forward to gathering at the movies and celebrating an exciting slate of new releases and classics, from beloved family favorites and outrageous comedies to thought-provoking dramas and thrilling adventures. There’s something for everyone.”

This isn’t the first time an event like this is taking place. It’s actually the second annual National Cinema Day following the success of the first one to take place in 2022. During the first National Cinema Day, approximately 8.1 people attended went to the movies, according to the National Association of Theater Owners. This resulted in the highest attendance at the movies in 2022. Events like this that bring about sales for new releases are bound to attract more people who are looking to save in their households.

For 2023’s National Cinema Day, movie fans can get a chance to see new releases like TMNT: Mutant Mayhem, the Gran Turismo movie, and even the Barbie movie and Oppenheimer on the big screen. Luckily for those curious about it, the National Cinema Day event will include all film formats at participating theaters. So if you missed your chance to be part of the Barbenheimer craze, you can do so with a very nice discount. Although this event is happening in the midst of the ongoing WGA and SAGAFTRA strikes happening in Hollywood, it doesn’t affect movies that are already in theaters. Luckily those who have been on strike are not asking for anyone to boycott watching movies in theaters.

What do you think of National Cinema Day? Will you be watching anything fun on the big screen during the event? Should movie theaters have more promos and events that offer discounts on tickets? Let us know your thoughts about everything in the comment section down below!

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