Mezco’s New Pennywise Doll Is The Perfect Snuggle Buddy


Haven’t you laid in your bed at night and thought, “Oh, boy, I sure do wish I had a murderous clown to keep me company at night?” If that has been on your mind, I ask that you seek professional help. However, if you’re dead set on making it a reality, Mezco has just what your weird little mind desires.

The latest Mezco MDS Retro Plush doll has taken on the guise of the ancient evil only known as IT. The sewer-dweller uses the form of a clown to lure children and eat them, after filling them full of terror, of course. After all, fear makes the meat taste better, according to Stephen King’s 1986 horror novel.

Pennywise is 18″ tall and $94. Expect him to slither out of the sewer sometime between October and December 2022.


At approximately 18 inches tall, the MDS Roto Plush Pennywise features a menacing stare and maniacal grin. The demonic shape-shifter is outfitted in a clown costume with ruffle detailing around the collar, wrists, and ankles. The MDS Roto Plush Pennywise comes packaged in a collector-friendly window box, perfect for display.

I’m still waiting for a faithful adaptation of IT to come to theatres or TV. Aside from King’s weird sexualization of children, the story of IT is mostly excellent, especially when it comes to Mike’s family history with the creature and the racism of the early to mid-1900s. But, for whatever reason, the mini-series and two feature-length films totally ignored this aspect of the book—such a missed opportunity. At least the movie version of Pennywise was closer to the book, as far as IT’s appearance goes. Had the suit been silver and the makeup more like Ronald McDonald’s, it would have been perfect. But instead, they had to go with the overtly creepy look that fell far below what Tim Curry pulled off in 1990.

What do you think of this Pennywise doll? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Source: Mezco]

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