Meme-to-Real Life: The XBOX Series X Fridge Is Real

Console aesthetics are sometimes winning, sometimes fails, and sometimes memes. The XBOX Series X falls into the latter. The console is a black rectangular cuboid, and when stood upright, it resembled a refrigerator. Sure, it wasn’t the funniest meme. However, from that internet infamy, something took root.

We saw over at Bleeding Cool that Microsoft has transformed a meme into a functional product. Microsoft embraced the meme. Sony didn’t bother to do the same, but then again, going full force into the joke that your console looked like female genitalia probably wouldn’t be a good PR move.

This Tweet was a simple bit of fun, and today, we learned that something more tangible was on the way. Though we won’t be getting a full-sized refrigerator styled after the Series X console, the next best thing is coming. Yes, it’s an XBOX | X mini-fridge.

OK, aside from the lighted icon and the green interior, this is probably the same mini fridge we’ve seen inside of several different themed cases. If you’ve seen the Nuka Cola or TARDIS mini-fridge, expect more or less the same thing. Speaking from experience, these things typically aren’t built for the long haul. I’ve gone through about a half-dozen of these over the years in my office.
What would be useful is an interior camera that would allow me to view my fridge’s contents and temperature via my XBOX Series X. If we’re going to make memes real, go all the way. Give them more function. Add that extra bang for the buck.
I foresee people sticking these in XBOX Series X boxes and selling them on eBay. Remember, the PS5 and XBOX are still scarce. Don’t be surprised if you see a few buyers getting ripped off when a mini-fridge shows up instead of the actual console.
The meme-turned-reality will be on the market this holiday season. The price wasn’t revealed, or if it was going to be a limited run. Expect plenty of streamers to buy this thing up to have in the background.
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