Marvel Legends Kicks Off Its 20th Anniversary With Cap and Iron Man

Twenty years. Wow. It has been twenty years since Toy Biz started the line of 6″ MARVEL action figures sporting more detail and articulation than their previous releases. Since then, Hasbro has taken over, but the toys have continued to hit store shelves regardless. Whether it was a new movie, show, or comic, the Legends series would dedicate at least one action figure to it.
Now to celebrate 1/5th of a century of MARVEL Legends, Hasbro is releasing some classic versions of the Avengers with retro packaging. We spotted the new Iron Man and Captain America on Hasbro Pulse and Entertainment Earth. Both are priced at $31.99 and should be released in May 2022.
These are just the first two in this new wave. Hulk and the mutant Toad will be joining them next year. I hope this is the classic version of Toad with the jester-like outfit.


For 20 years the Marvel Legends Series has brought the iconic characters and storylines of the Marvel Universe to fans worldwide. To celebrate the 2002 Toy Biz debut release, Marvel Legends proudly presents the 20th Anniversary Series 1, featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and Toad!

In the early days of Legends, I was scooping up the Spider-Man figures. Then, finally, a super-articulated Spidey! Man, it’s amazing how small things like that could get a collector excited. Miss those days for sure.
I think the Blade figures were the prototypes for the Legends series. Each figure had a lot of articulation and way more detail than other Toy Biz action figures at the time. I wish I knew where my Blade figure was now.
What are your fond memories of the Legends series? Let us know in the comments section.

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