Marvel Comics Re-Releases Miracleman Omnibus

Marvel Comics is sending their ‘Miracleman’ graphic novel omnibus back to the printing press for a second release. Planned to be released in March 2023, it will also sport a new cover from artist Alan Davis.

They said on their website, “Last month, Marvel Comics honored the 40th anniversary of Miracleman’s transformative reinvention with the brand-new MIRACLEMAN OMNIBUS! This long-awaited omnibus collected the influential work on the character from all of its legendary creators such as Alan Davis, Garry Leach, John Totleben, and more. A hit with fans, this extraordinary omnibus will return with a second printing this March.”

“This new printing will give readers another chance to witness Miracleman’s incredible origins, his most breathtaking feats, and the relevant and dramatic struggles of his alter-ego, freelance reporter Michael Moran, who must reconcile his life as the lesser half of a god—all depicted in glorious Omnibus format! Considered one of the medium’s greatest masterpieces, Miracleman’s adventures launched a new wave of comic book storytelling, and its extraordinary impact on the Super Hero genre is still felt to this day,” they added.

You can get a look at the cover below:

The omnibus will feature:

  • Material from WARRIOR (1982) #1-18, #20-21
  • MIRACLEMAN (1985) #1, #3, #6-16
  • Material from A1 (1989) #1

Originally published as “Marvelman,” the character was created in 1954 by UK writer-artist Mick Anglo for publisher L. Miller & Son. The original run ran until 1963 when the indie publisher filed for bankruptcy. The series was picked up by the magazine Warrior where ‘V For Vendetta’ writer Alan Moore gave it a darker tone in 1982. Pacific Comics and later Eclipse would license the character in 1985 where the character would get rebooted as Miracleman.

From 1996 to 2009, the character was involved in some litigation over the rights to Miracleman, ending when original creator Mike Anglo was determined that he retained the rights. He sold them to Marvel Comics in 2013.

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