Marvel Comics Announces New Defenders Line-Up

Marvel Comics taps writer Al Ewing and artist Javier Rodríguez to tackle a relaunch of the Defenders. Dr. Strange, The Masked Rider, Silver Surfer, Red Harpy, and Cloud are just a few who are teaming up to take on some cosmic and magical battles.
“When existence itself faces extraordinary threats, it needs an extraordinary defense. That’s when you call… the Defenders! Doctor Strange and the Masked Raider take a non-team of Marvel’s weirdest, wildest heroes on a mission that will uncover the hidden architecture of reality itself! This cosmos was not the first to exist… but if the Defenders can’t track Marvel’s oldest villain through the deepest trenches of time—it might be the last,” Marvel wrote on their website.
“The cards portend something Strange as we open on a gorgeous double-page spread from Rodríguez. Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme has been all turned around over an “inauspicious” reading that bears ill news… in this case a gun to the head. The Masked Raider has dropped in to “chat” about a grave, cosmic imbalance,” they continue. “Using his enchanted deck of cards, Doctor Strange races through magical means to assemble this latest team of cosmic Defenders. And, the Tarot of the Secret Flame calls forth none other than original Defender Silver Surfer! Red Harpy, AKA Betty Banner, and ex-Defender Cloud also join the fray.”
The team will be dealing with Taaia of Planet Taa, mother of Galactus, who is facing down the menacing threat of Omnimax, a threat to the whole cosmic.
“After summoning his unwitting team, Doctor Strange and the Defenders crash land in the “Sixth Cosmos” of the Multiverse, or the birthplace of the Devourer of Worlds. Taaia of Planet Taa already seems as fearsome as her son, but the present action has everyone staring down an even more menacing foe—the planet-eating Omnimax,” Marvel adds.
They also released an image of the first issue:

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