Make ‘First Contact’ With The Borg Queen’s Skull Replica

The Borg Queen met with a rather sticky end during the conclusion of Star Trek First Contact. Though she tried to change the destiny of mankind by destroying our first successful moment of warp travel, her plans were foiled by Data. A quick dip in a cloud of toxic gas and the matriarch of the Collective was no more … for a little while.
What remained of the Borg Queen is now available as a highly detailed replica from Factory Entertainment. Constructed out of “polyurethane resin with an electroplated chrome finish,” this prop is something to behold. In addition, the prop is fitted with LED lighting to replicate the final moments of the Queen’s life in that body.
The amazing Alice Krige has signed each plaque for this limited edition prop. This isn’t some thousand pieces run; only 250 are being made. Factory Entertainment expects to ship these out by First Contact Day (April 5th) 2022.

Factory Entertainment
Factory Entertainment
Factory Entertainment
Factory Entertainment
Factory Entertainment
Factory Entertainment
Factory Entertainment

Our Borg Queen Skull Signature Edition Replica has been copied directly from the surviving prop in the CBS archives to ensure accuracy.
The main body of the replica is cast from heavyweight polyurethane resin with an electroplated chrome finish. The replica is augmented by various plastic and rubber parts to match the original prop and features an articulated spinal cord. On screen the prop was presented as being heavily damaged by corrosive plasma, so each replica has been hand-weathered to lend a ‘battle damaged’ appearance.

What are your favorite Borg Queen moments? I like her sparing with Janeway, but Krige’s performance in Star Trek First Contact was special. Only the woman who made specters sexy in Ghost Story could make the Borg Collective look so alluring.
Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
[Source: Factory Entertainment]

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