Kotaku Staff DGAF Anymore? They KNOW the End is Near!

It feels like Kotaku staff (and Alyssa Mercante in particular) really DGAF anymore and are letting it fly. So let’s talk about how Kotaku’s “brand” is basically just being “anti” whatever YouTube is getting behind these days.

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Kotaku staff are being criticized for their lack of investigative journalism and attention-seeking behavior, indicating that the end may be near for the website.

00:00 Kotaku staff accused of lacking investigative journalism and not paying attention to Star Wars, signaling the end is near.

01:51 Toxic men are terrible people, and the staff is concerned about strange giggles in the office.

02:28 Kotaku staff are not taking journalism seriously, criticized for hypocrisy and attention-seeking behavior.

04:19 Women and young players face harassment in online games, leading to them avoiding voice chat, while the media industry is shifting towards podcasting and video due to Google AI’s impact on written content.

05:54 Kotaku staff may be creating controversial content to generate views and momentum, focusing on topics like Star Wars and toxic players.

06:56 Websites use algorithms to create content based on what will get the most hits, leading to repetitive articles across different sites.

07:39 Kotaku and Polygon are attacking YouTubers and gamers, creating an “Us Versus Them” dynamic, and some gaming journalists may not even play games.

08:48 Kotaku staff are inserting personal opinions into articles and attacking others, indicating they may not care anymore and know the end is near.

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