The Comic Book Industry is Cashing Out: Boom! Studios SOLD OFF!

Boom! Studios just sold itself to Penguin Random House, and before that, it was Dark Horse to Embracer Group. It feels like the mainstream Western comic book industry is rushing to cash in their chips while they still can. But who is going to take poor ol’ IDW Publishing?

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The comic book industry is facing consolidation and acquisition by larger companies, leading to financial struggles for creators and a bleak future for the industry.

00:00 The comic book industry is consolidating, with companies like Boom Studios selling out to Penguin Random House, and the trend of starting companies with the intention of selling them is leading to the “inhification” of everything.

02:13 The comic book industry is being sold, with Boom Studios being acquired by Random House, but the speaker believes it should have been sold earlier for a higher value.

04:13 Larger comic book industry publishers are selling out, with many cashing out for millions of dollars and the option to sell being more appealing than winding down or shutting down.

05:42 Many comic book creators struggle financially due to lack of ownership, leading to companies merging and creators seeking movie and animation deals for financial success.

07:18 The comic book industry is dealing with difficult people and cashing out for millions of dollars.

08:37 The comic book industry is facing distribution changes and low sales, but there is still high demand for certain products.

10:29 The comic book industry is being exploited for intellectual property for movies and merchandise, with Boom Studios being acquired by Penguin Random House and new Hellboy projects in development.

11:59 The comic book industry is declining, and people are cashing out, indicating a bleak future for comic books.

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