Home Alone Gets an Anime Adaption

Home Alone is one of those classic movies that has become part of must-watch Christmas movies nearly every Christmas season. The unexpected hit movie came out in 1990, with a sequel in 1992. Now some 31 years laters, Home Alone has been gifted the anime treatment.

The Brooklyn based adult animation company, Cartuna, recently released a Home Alone anime short that’s just over 7 minutes long. It stars Kevin, Harry, Marv, and Marley. The animated short has notable nods a few different genres usually seen in action-oriented animes. Plus a twist at the end that may leave you at least chuckling. There are also notable nods to the original live action movie splashed throughout the short.

Cartuna was founded in 2015. The animation studio produces for TV, feature film, music videos, shorts and commercials for partners such as HBO, Jimmy Fallon, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and many others. The studio’s original animated pieces include Magical Girl Friendship Squad (SYFY TZGZ), Loafy (Comedy Central) and Sundance Indie Episodic premiere Tammy’s Tiny Tea Time.

Home Alone The Anime – Kevin was written by James Belfer, Max Benator and Mike Flavin. produced by James Belfer, Adam Belfer and Benator and co-exec produced by Noah Pardo and Flavin. Bobby Brian Barredo was in charge of the animation direction, supervision lead animation, concept art & design for the short, with help from Edwin David (storyboards, concept art & design), Charles Raymund Mijares (project supervisor, animator & animation checker) and team of fewer than 20 animators/artists.

It’s his house. He had to defend it:

Source: Animation Magazine

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