HiDive Harvests ‘Farming Made Me Stronger’ Anime For Streaming

‘I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills’ also known as ‘Farming Made Me Stronger’ is a webcomic written by Shobonnu and published on Shōsetsuka ni Narō. It was picked up by Studio A-Cat for an anime directed by Norihiko Nagahama, character designs by Masami Sueoka, and written by Touko Machida. Ahead of its release in Japan, Sentai Filmworks picked up the series for North American distribution via streaming to the HiDive app.

“The forces of evil usually have to worry about the Chosen One prophesied to save the world; heroes with cliched names such as Leo Lionheart or Gale Shadowstrike. This time though? They need to worry about farmer Al Wayne. Tune in every Saturday starting October 1, 2022,” they said on their website. Later, the date was updated to October 8th.

Casting for the show includes Junya Enoki as Al Wayne, Minami Tanaka as Fal-Ys Meigis, Rumi Okubo as Helen Rein, Ayaka Suwa as Ruri, Yukari Tamura as Ilvia, Masahiro Itō as Reaks, Mai Nakahara as Luccia Wayne, and Kenji Hamada as Giles Wayne.

You can watch the trailer below:

AniList describes the synopsis as follows,

“Al Wayne loves farming — and we don’t mean the video game sim. He wants to be a literal farmer, but in the process of improving his agriculture skills, he somehow winds up maxing out his overall character stats! He’s superpowered in the most unexpected of ways with abilities even the strongest of heroes would envy. Alas, all he wants is an idyllic farmer’s life, but with demons and monsters invading the realm, Al may have to take up the mantle of hero just to keep his dreams from withering away!”

The Tokyo-based publishing company Futabasha picked up the series for release with illustrations by Sogawa for the light novels under the Monster Bunko and Aki Taruto handling the artwork for the manga.

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