HBO Max is Relaunching as Max And Combining With Discovery+ Content

It looks like HBO Max will be changing up very soon. Warner Bros. Discovery is going to relaunch HBO Max under a brand new name moving forward. The service will just be known as Max and seen as a means for the company to compete with streaming services from both Disney and Netflix. While existing users can expect similar content to what was available before, Max will combine both Discovery+ and HBO Max content into one place.

According to a report published in the New York Times, sources have said the change can happen as early as May or June 2023. The price for the service will also be set to $16 per month, but will also have multiple tier levels of the service available. This includes an ad-friendly tier service at a lower price that will have commercials that play occasionally. For comparison, HBO Max had its price set at $16 for its ad-free version.

The new Max will give subscribers access to all of the reality shows on Discovery, such as Property Brothers and Dr. Pimple Popper, as well as all of the movies and shows on HBO Max. The joining of both will give a bigger hub of content for fans of the many HBO series that have become incredibly popular, such as shows like House of the Dragon and The Last of Us. Will this encourage HBO fans to explore some of the other content coming into the service? Probably not, especially if they prefer to watch original content as opposed to reality TV.

According to sources in various reports, the official unveiling and announcement will be a one-hour event, with no stars from any shows involved. There will be a few movie and TV announcements, along with a heavy focus on the Max service itself. The big question that will be answered during the event is how exactly current HBO Max subscribers will carry over into the new service. Many subscribers are worried about losing their account or having to re-subscribe for something they have already paid for.

One thing to keep in mind is that while Max will become a new service to join, the original Discovery+ app will remain standalone for the time being. It will coexist with Max, but will not have the HBO content that Max will have. A lot of companies with streaming services have been losing money over time, with a number of factors being pointed to as the cause. Whether this will be a successful change or a bad move for Warner Bros. Discovery is anybody’s guess.

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