Google’s Pixel 7 Suffer From A Randomly Shattering Camera?

Google’s Pixel 7 smartphone owners report that the glass covering the camera is cracking for unknown reasons. The issue appears to be that the glass break is random and not caused by a drop or some form of impact. However, these stories need to be taken with a grain of salt.

What we can judge by the pictures in an Ars Technica article is that the breakage is happening right at the lens instead of some random area. Perhaps a temperature change within the pocket between the lens and glass is the cause? On the other hand, could the lens be impacting the glass due to an engineering flaw? It’s hard to tell, but Google is not directly accepting blame for the problem.

According to Pixel 7 owner Alex Hatzenbuhler, Google is aware of the issue. How many phones are affected has yet to be determined. However, unless Google jumps in front of this quickly, it will undoubtedly lead to a class action lawsuit. Given that Google isn’t always forthcoming with information, we may never know how many cameras were affected and if the issue was rectified during the manufacturing process. Google’s response to the broken camera was as follows:

“[Google Support Team] can confirm that this is a known issue and … after the engineers deliberated about this issue, they decided NOT to include this as a part of the warranty.”

That’s right; a warranty does not cover the randomly cracking glass covering the Pixel 7’s camera.

In a related Reddit post, other users discovered their Pixel phones to have the same problem, not knowing where the damage stemmed from. Google is repairing the damage for around $199, but people with “device protection” only have to shell out $99.

Pixel 7 back camera glass broken
byu/dalitortoise inGooglePixel

Have you encountered an issue with glass cracking on your smartphone without a known cause? Let us know your stories in the comments section below.

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