‘Girlfriend, Girlfriend’ Creator Opens Up About The Manga

‘Girlfriend, Girlfriend’ is a romantic comedy manga series published by Kodansha that has become a fan-favorite, so much so it has received an anime spin-off. Writer and illustrator Hiroyuki has been working on manga since 2004 with this series launching in March 2020.
The story follows a high school boy who begins dating a girl he has feelings for, only for another girl to confess feelings of love for him. With a lot of confusion, he decides to start dating both of them, even allowing both of them to move in with him. This creates chaos and confusion as they go about their daily lives.
Hiroyuki recently sat down with Crunchyroll, who recently licensed the anime adaption for streaming, to discuss the series and its inspiration.
When asked what inspired the show, he explained that he saw multiple shows where one girl was chosen when in situations like these. The creator said that he wanted to see what would happen if both girls ended up getting the guy.
“While discussing how we felt bad for the girls who weren’t chosen, we wondered what it would be like to write a story in which everyone could be saved,” Hiroyuki said. “Since this is a manga, I’d like to do something that can’t be done in the real world. Even though plenty of attractive girls appear in manga, having to ultimately choose only one of them feels like a wasted opportunity, so I was wondering if something could be done about that. I want to explore life’s possibilities.”
He continued, “For example, if I were in that situation, I’m not certain that I’d be 100 percent voluntarily pushing around my girlfriend. If something is even slightly possible, I want to explore it. I imagine it would be difficult, but it might also be fun. I started writing this series because I wanted to explore that concept through manga.”
“I began wondering what I personally believed would be the most interesting answer to that question. The answer I came up with was to ask the existing girlfriend if he could date both girls. Expanding on this idea ultimately led to the protagonist dating both girls,” he added.
When asked about what fans can expect from the anime, he replied, “Unlike the manga, there’s color, the characters move, and there are voices, sound effects, and music. I believe it adds depth to the series. The involvement of so many people produces movements, voices, and gestures not seen in the manga that make the characters more attractive. In that regard, I believe the anime will make viewers like the characters even more.”
‘Girlfriend, Girlfriend’ is released in the United States through Kodansha USA’s digital platform and the anime is being developed by Tezuka Productions.
You can check out the trailer here:

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