Gaiking Returns With A Blu-Ray Home Video Release

Discotek Media is bringing all forty-four episodes of the mech anime ‘Dino Mech Gaiking’ for a new Blu-ray home video release. It will feature the original Japanese audio with English subtitles. The series, also known as ‘Sky Devilsaur Gaiking’ or simply ‘Gaiking,’ was originally released in 1976.

Released by Toei Animation, the show was directed by Tomoharu Katsumata, written by Sōji Yoshikawa, and featured the music of Shunsuke Kikuchi.

The Blu-ray will be released on January 31st, 2023, but is available on the Right Stuf Anime website.

You can check out the box set:

The show stars Akira Kamiya as Sanshirou Tsuwabuki, Hidekatsu Shibata as Dr. Daimonji/General Desmont, Kan Tokumaru as Dr. Dunkel, Keaton Yamada as General Killer, Kenichi Ogata as Emperor Darius, Makio Inoue as Peter Richardson, Mami Koyama as Midori Fujiyama, Noriko Tsukase as Hachiro, and Osamu Katō as General Asimov and Yamagatake.

AniList describes the synopsis as follows,

“Earth is under alien attack! Thousands of years ago, the people of the planet Zela uplifted the cultures of Earth with advanced alien science and technology. Now, with Zela itself in danger of being dragged into a black hole, the supercomputer Emperor Darius wants to find salvation for his people… by taking our planet for himself!

The only ones who can stop Darius’ total conquest are the carrier superweapon Daiku Maryu and its intrepid but eclectic crew: an American navy pilot, a sumo wrestler, a kickboxing champion, and a host of other psychic misfits. The newest addition to the team is a brash baseball player named Sanshiro Tsuwabuki, whose arm was damaged in a Zelan attack, and now seeks revenge at the helm of the giant super robot Gaiking!”

The show was originally released on the Japanese TV channel Fuji Television Network.

Science fiction writer Go Nagai sued Toei Animation, claiming he created the concept behind the anime and confirmed that fact at a 2007 Comicon in Naples, Italy.

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