Funimation Unveils English Dub Cast For ‘Sasaki and Miyano’

‘Sasaki and Miyano’ is a slice of life manga by Shō Harusono. The series began in 2016 with Media Factory publishing it on their online magazine ‘pixiv Comic.’ It was picked up by the Japanese animation company Studio Deen for an anime adaption that launched in January 2022 with Shinji Ishihira serving as director and Funimation acquiring the license for an English dub. 
“Hey, can we borrow you for a minute? We’d like to give you the deets on our latest English dub of Winter 2022, Sasaki and Miyano,” Funimation said on their website. “Taking the lead is Kellen Goff (Akudama Drive) and Joshua Waters (Ishida and Asakura) as the titular Sasaki and Miyano, joined by Brandon McInnis (Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan) as Hirano, Kayleigh McKee (Kageki Shojo!!) as Kuresawa, and Y. Chang (Horimiya) Tashiro.
The anime will also receive a special OVA along with the release of the manga’s ninth volume in January 2022. 
Funimation shared their excitement on social media:

MyAnimeList describes the plot as follows:
“Yoshikazu Miyano’s troubles first start one hot summer day when Shuumei Sasaki steps into his life. Sasaki saves Miyano’s classmate from a group of bullies, and after that, Miyano cannot seem to shake off his eccentric upperclassman. His silent admiration for Sasaki gradually sours into annoyance each time the so-called delinquent refuses to leave him alone. Constantly being called by cute nicknames and having his boundaries ignored, Miyano wonders why Sasaki wants to get close to him.
The shy and easily flustered Miyano harbors an embarrassing secret—he is a “fudanshi,” a boy who likes boys’ love (BL) manga. The last thing he wants is for other students to find out, but through a slip of the tongue, he reveals the truth to Sasaki. Intrigued, the clueless Sasaki asks to borrow a book to read, which he is given very reluctantly. To Miyano’s surprise, Sasaki enjoys the BL that he receives and asks for more, marking a shift in their strange dynamic.
Although Sasaki appears to possess some personal agenda, his feelings for Miyano become complicated the more time they spend together. As they now share a common interest, their relationship is poised to change and further develop.”
Emily Fajardo serves as the ADR director. 

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