Funimation Reveals ‘Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!!’ Anime English Dub Cast

Developed by Sanrio and Geechs (later Edia), ‘Show My Rock’ is a popular mobile video game that combines simulation with rhythm games. You play various bands using ‘soul’ to compete in music concerts to win while also defeating “dark monsters,” depending on the game.
The third season, ‘Show By Rock!! Mashumairesh!!’ follows Howan, a Fox Myummon a citizen of the countryside on Sound Planet who dreams of stardom. The video game was adapted in a 12-episode anime by Kinema Citrus by director Seung Hui.
According to the official synopsis, the anime follows “Countryside foxgirl Howan has a dream—and it’s taking her to the big city! Along with a few new friends, she’ll form a band that will allow them to achieve the stardom they’ve always hoped for.”
Funimation announced on their blog that they have acquired the rights to adapt the series in an English dub.
For the band, Macy Anne Johnson, the Texas actress known for playing Akashi in ‘Azur Lane,’ will take on the role of protagonist Howan. Giovannie Cruz (‘Oshi ga Budôkan ittekuretara shinu’) will portray bandmate and leading guitarist Mashima Himeko. Emi Lo (‘Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World’) plays the bassist Delmin with Lindsay Sheppard (‘Adachi to Shimamura’) rounding out the cast as drummer Rufuyu.
The rest of the cast includes Chris Sykes, Aaron Dismuke, Jarrod Greene, Stephen Fu, and Michelle Rojas who will also serve as producer.
Check out the OP:

The game synopsis explains, “Taking place somewhere after the 2nd season, the story focuses on Howan, a Fox Myummon who lives in the countryside on Sound Planet. Though she enjoys her peaceful life in the countryside, Howan dreams of music stardom and gets the chance to achieve her dream when she passes the audition for a music competition in Midi City.”
It continues, “Meanwhile, the leading guitarist Mashima Himeko is equally passionate about music but feels uncomfortable having been placed in a band with two other young artists, the bassist Delmin and the drummer Rufuyu. Howan loses her audition pass, making her unable to join the audition. Under the glittering lights of Midi City, when Howan is distraught at losing her audition pass, Howan, Himeko, Delmin and Rufuyu meet each other for the first time and discover together with what they could never reach alone.”

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