Funimation Releases ‘My Senpai is Annoying’ English Dub

The “slice of life” romantic comedy manga ‘My Senpai is Annoying’ is written by Shiro Manta and released through the Japanese publishing company Ichijinsha. It originally hit stores in 2017 and continues its run. In 2021, it was picked up for an anime adaption by the animation studio Doga Kobo and directed by Ryota Itoh. Funimation announced that they were premiering an English dub of the anime.
“Talk about work-life balance! We’re excited to announce that the My Senpai is Annoying English dub is officially on its way to Funimation, and we’ve got your details on the series cast, crew and more,” Funimation said in their initial announcement. “Episode 1 of the My Senpai is Annoying English dub will arrive on Funimation, so if you haven’t met Futaba, Takeda-senpai and the rest of the office crew just yet, you’re about to get the perfect chance.”
They continued, “The English voice cast for the series includes Risa Mei (Kakushigoto, SHADOWS HOUSE) as Futaba Igarashi and Patrick Seitz (My Hero Academia, Kemono Jihen) as Harumi Takeda.
The show also stars Kenny James as Chief, Luis Bermudez as Hijikata, Mark Allen Jr. as Kazama, Austin Sisk as Ooishi, Jennifer AuBuchon as Sakurai, and Madeleine Morris as Tsukishiro. Jerry Jewell is serving as the ADR Director.
You can check out the trailer here:

MyAnimeList describes the synopsis:
“At a certain trading company, saleswoman Futaba Igarashi has managed to hold her respectable job for almost two years thanks to the guidance of her senior coworker—Harumi Takeda. However, due to Igarashi’s short stature, Takeda often teases her and treats her like a kid, leaving Igarashi constantly annoyed by his antics.
Despite this, Igarashi notices Takeda’s reliability as he is always ready to help whenever something at their workplace goes awry. As Igarashi and Takeda spend more time together, their relationship soon develops further than simply being coworkers at the office.”

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