Funimation Announces English Dub For ‘Ikebukuro West Gate Park’

‘Ikebukuro West Gate Park’ is a mystery novel series written by Ira Ishida that began in September 1998 that has gained a following, leading to manga adaptions, a live-action TV series, and, of course, an anime. Doga Kobo studios released the anime in 2020 with Tomoaki Koshida directing and now Funimation has announced the show will get an English dub.
“Welcome to Ikebukuro! We’re excited to announce that the Ikebukuro West Gate Park English dub is officially on its way to Funimation, and we’ve got details on when you can watch and the English cast and crew,” Funimation writes on their website. “all 12 episodes of the Ikebukuro West Gate Park English dub will arrive on Funimation, which means you’ll be able to watch the entire series from front to back, with subtitles or in English-dubbed format very soon!”
“The English cast of the series includes Griffin Puatu (Tokyo Revengers, Beastars) as Makoto Majima, Howard Wang (SK8 the Infinity, Actors: Song Connection) as Takashi Andou and Billy Kametz (86, Promare) as Kyouichi Ozaki,” they revealed.
The show also includes Suzie Yeung as Guo, Justin Briner as Mitsuki, Daman Mills as Reiichirou, Monica Rial as Ritsuko, Ernesto Jason Liebrecht as Shigeyuki, Ry McKeand as Tomomi, and Christian Banas as Watanabe with Stephen Fu serving as ADR Director.
According to the official synopsis, “Crime-ridden Ikebukuro is a haven to violent gangs, the Yakuza, and home to Makoto Majima. A charismatic troubleshooter, he mediates disputes between the warring factions. But after losing a loved one, can he stay afloat long enough to save his home?”
Check out the trailer:

The anime’s opening theme “Needle Knot” was performed by The Pinballs with the band Formal handling the ending song. Fumihiko Shimo handled series composition, Junichirō Taniguchi designed the illustrations of the characters, and Daijirō Nakagawa worked with Ryūichi Takada at composing the music.

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