Fisher-Price’s Chatter Telephone Now Makes Real Phone Calls!

Have you always wanted to make and receive calls with a phone that comes complete with a rotary dial, wheels, and a big friendly smiling face? You have? How odd, because Fisher-Price has precisely the item for you. It’s the new and improved Chatter Phone that acts like an actual phone!
OK, technically, it is a Bluetooth accessory, but look at that little guy! I want to bring him into a meeting at corporate, put him on the conference table, and make big executive-level decisions while his eyes wiggle back and forth!
We spotted the news of this toy’s release over at PC Mag. The Chatter Telephone was supposed to launch exclusively at BestBuy today, but the product page says it is “coming soon.” So, I’m not sure if it sold out or the release window changed. Regardless, the phone with wheels and wobbly eyes is $60.
The company knows exactly what cynical adults would think of this product. And I love it! It is the ultimate no-frills phone. Think of a flip phone from 2003, but on a PrimeCo plan.


Introducing the special edition Fisher-Price® Chatter Telephone™ — a phone smart enough not to come with any apps. Its intuitive bulky face design comes with a “super-advanced” rotary dial and connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth® wireless technology, so you can make and receive real calls through your existing phone plan. This working Chatter Telephone™ is so mobile, it even comes with wheels. Plus, it has grownup functionality like speakerphone and the ability to dial out. Your childhood is calling, now you can actually answer. Available exclusively at Best Buy® while supplies last.

I fully endorse this trend. The Star Trek communicator had the Bluetooth feature, too, as did the Next Generation Star Fleet badge. While not practical, these are fun novelties. That is unless you’re like me and stock your office full of these and use them regularly to annoy your co-workers.
What do you think of a child’s toy now having the ability to make actual phone calls? Fun gimmick or pathway to unspeakable horrors like in Poltergeist II?
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