Find Bruce Campbell In ‘Evil Dead Rise’ And Win $50!

Could Bruce Campbell make an appearance in Evil Dead Rise? According to the film’s director, Lee Cronin, yes, he does!

Sadly, it’s not the return of Ash Williams we hoped for. Instead, the actor does show up somewhere in Evil Dead Rise. However, it’s a Where’s Waldo affair. The good news is that Mr. Cronin will give the first person who finds Campbell a prize.

While speaking to Empire magazine, Cronin confirmed, “Bruce is hidden in the movie somewhere. Bruce has a small presence in the movie. The first person to figure it out and send me a tweet, I’ll give them 50 bucks.

Even if you don’t win the $50, the director is trying his best to ensure the viewing experience is fun, “How I view the Evil Dead movies is [as] a popcorn-eating good time. Bringing it back to Evil Dead II, if there’s anything I would think about it would be the relentless creativity in that movie to refresh the experience as you go.

The Evil Dead franchise isn’t high-brow, and that is its charm. Do these new films get the job done without The Chin leading the charge? The 2013 remake tried too hard to be scary. It failed to match the Raimi Trilogy’s energy or deliver memorable moments. In fact, I can’t remember much about the Fede Álvarez movie aside from the contact lenses the actors used—oh, and Ash’s brief, meaningless cameo at the end.

After the red-band trailer for the new film was released, I wondered what connection this film had to any other Evil Dead movie. So far, there are no apparent links. However, had it not been for the name, this latest entry could have been mistaken for any other demonic possession movie.

What are your thoughts on these two new movies?

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