Dungeons & Dragons Orcs are MEXICAN Now?! You Made it WORSE, WotC…

The new Dungeons & Dragons Player’s Handbook has been revealed, and they’ve finally banished racism… by adding MORE racism? Or something. Orcs are no longer Black people, they’re Mexican tropes. Then we talk about how DnD 6e (?) will focus more on making an OC fanfic than playing a game.

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Wizards of the Coast’s controversial changes to Dungeons & Dragons, including portraying Orcs as Mexican and focusing on tragic backstories, have sparked backlash and criticism from fans.

00:00 Wizards of the Coast replaced racism in Dungeons and Dragons with another form of racism in the new players handbook, sparking backlash.

03:11 Dungeons & Dragons is facing backlash for making Orcs Mexican, with the speaker suggesting they could have been portrayed as Aztec Orcs instead.

06:13 Wizards of the Coast is making controversial changes to D&D, focusing on tragic backstories and trying to be more progressive in their portrayal of orcs.

08:23 Wizards of the Coast bought TSR and then got gobbled up by Hasbro, not caring much about Dungeons and Dragons.

09:30 Dungeons & Dragons is changing character creation, emphasizing background over race, upsetting many fans.

11:33 Dungeons & Dragons now considers racial backgrounds and abilities for character creation, while addressing concerns of racism in the game.

13:13 The speaker criticizes changes to racial modifiers in Dungeons & Dragons, arguing it takes away from unique characteristics, and suggests quicker character creation.

15:07 Video game company introduces Mexican Orcs in Dungeons & Dragons, criticized for straying too far from the original game and replacing one kind of racism with another.

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