Doctor Who Finale is the Lowest EVER?! They Threw Jodie Under the Bus!

It’s over for Doctor Who. The first Disney Plus bankrolled season with Ncuti Gatwa saw a massive drop off in viewers, and the season finale was the lowest EVER for a finale in the show’s history. In other news, IGN threw Jodie Whittaker under the wheels of the bus to defend Gatwa. OOF.

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The viewership for the latest season of Doctor Who has significantly declined, leading to concerns about the future of the show.

00:00 Doctor Who Season 14 finale has the lowest ratings in years, and the media is trying to cope with it.

01:21 Doctor Who finale had lowest viewership ever at 2.25 million, indicating significant decline in interest, with season 14 being criticized for using diversity as an excuse for poor performance.

03:11 Jodie Whitaker is being unfairly criticized and thrown under the bus for the decline in Doctor Who’s quality.

04:37 The Doctor Who finale is criticized for throwing Jodie Whittaker under the bus and having uninteresting companions and incomprehensible plotting.

06:10 The Doctor becoming conservative and the Timeless Children retcon is ruining Doctor Who.

07:14 The Doctor Who finale is the lowest ever, with criticism of Jodie Whittaker’s character and the lack of a cohesive overarching story.

08:53 Doctor Who finale ratings are the lowest ever, with millions of viewers lost and no Disney+ episodes making the Nielsen charts.

09:54 Doctor Who finale has lowest ratings in 60-year history, losing over 2 million viewers and facing potential cancellation due to failed attempts to appeal to a younger audience.

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