Disney Exec Says They Don’t Want to Hire White Dudes…

James O’Keefe just busted a Disney exec saying the quiet part out loud — that Disney is actively passing over white male candidates in the name of diversity and inclusion. We;’re surprised so many people are surprised by this. We thought it was common knowledge? And it’s not just Disney.

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Disney executives have been caught making derogatory comments and discriminating against older white men in an effort to diversify their boardrooms and are using discriminatory hiring practices to prioritize diversity.

00:00 Disney exec admits to excluding white males in hiring, citing example of half-white, half-black candidate not looking “black enough,” highlighting hypocrisy in diversity efforts.

03:08 Disney exec discusses lack of surprise over “reimagine tomorrow” initiative, recording people without their knowledge, criticizing date setups, warning against leaking info, and admitting to discriminatory hiring practices.

07:56 Disney executives caught making derogatory comments and discriminating against older white men in an effort to diversify their boardrooms, leading to bland and sterile content.

13:20 Disney execs hesitant to invest in diverse creators after “High Guardian Spice” failure, acknowledge lack of diversity in animation, controversy over potential discrimination against white men.

17:13 Disney exec admits to not hiring based on race, leading to unfairness in hiring process and shaming of white males starting their own businesses.

21:35 Disney is pressuring employees to move to Florida or lose their jobs, facing internal concerns about treatment of employees, pushing out talented individuals, and using code words to justify discriminatory hiring practices.

25:03 Disney exec admits to prioritizing diversity, using connections to bring in diverse talent, and pushing out those who don’t fit the mold, while also being aware of the shift away from middle-aged white couples in their projects.

29:22 Disney executives are not hiring white men anymore, but they won’t say it outright to avoid legal issues.

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