Despite Allegations, Film Producer Brushes Off Kevin Spacey Controversy

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Kevin Spacey has not been in any major role since he was edited out of Ridley Scott’s 2017 biopic “All the Money in the World” following allegations of sexual misconduct by fifteen accusers including ‘Star Trek Discovery’ actor Anthony Rapp. Spacey was also fired from his role in the Netflix political drama “House of Cards.”
That is why it came as a shock that he was cast in an Italian film “L’uomo Che Disegnò Dio” (The Man Who Drew God). The casting drew sharp criticism online with speculation that he would play a sex crime detective looking into a case of someone who is innocent.
Film producer Louis Nero sat down with Entertainment Weekly, where he brushed aside the controversy and praised Spacey’s acting ability.
“In Italy, we don’t know details on everything, so we don’t speak about what we don’t know about,” he said. “I cannot speak about these things. I only know that Kevin is a great actor. That was my concern, and no more than that.”
Nero continued, “We don’t want to go into the private matter. He’s still a great actor.”
He also denied that the movie has anything to do with inappropriate behavior, but is a biopic about a blind artist named Emanuele who could paint portraits based on the sound of their voice. The artist takes a female apprentice.
Though he admits Spacey will play a detective with a connection to the artist, he denied there was nothing to the online rumors about the movie’s content.
“It does not involve pedophilia, as I’ve read in the media,” he insisted. “This is wrong.”
“I hope the same attention that has been given to the start of the project continues throughout so we will be able to show it around the world,” Nero added. “I think that would be great.”

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