‘Darkhawk’ Reboot Writer Discusses New Marvel Comics Series

Comic book writer Tom DeFalco and artist Mike Manley debuted a new character for Marvel Comics known as Darkhawk in his own series written by Danny Fingeroth. The comic follows Chris Powell, who finds an alien amulet that activated a superpowered armor that gave him superpowers. He would serve with the New Warriors and with the West Coast Avengers, battling some of their worst enemies.
With Powell surrending the amulet earlier this year, writer Kyle Higgins and artist Juanan Ramirez are bringing a new face to the Darkhawk armor with Connor Young, “a different type of hero facing unique challenges.”
“I had a passing familiarity with the character. The design, more than anything else. I remember seeing him in NEW WARRIORS,” he told Marvel Unlimited. “Then, about a year ago, I was talking to Ryan Parrott about old Super Heroes and he told me about the way Darkhawk worked. The body swap mechanic. I thought it was so cool, very reminiscent of Miracleman. Then, about six months later, Darren and (Marvel Editor-in-Chief) CB (Cebulski) reached out to see if I might have interest in building a new Darkhawk.”
Higgins explains that he thinks of Darkhawk as a “contemporary coming-of-age” hero and wants to put him in “today’s world.”
“His name is Connor Young,” he said describing the new version. “He’s a senior at Woodlawn High, where he’s a star point guard. He’s just accepted a full ride scholarship to Empire State University, to play basketball. A lot of scouts think after a year, he’ll be ready to turn pro. Maybe even first overall. But then, after headaches, vertigo, and a bad fall, Connor is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Everything in his life suddenly comes under question. Can he play basketball? Will Empire State and the pros still be interested in him And that’s all before he comes across the amulet.”
Marvel also released an image of the cover as well as several variant covers.


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