Could You Spare $1,800 For This LotR Legolas Premium Statue?

They’re taking my money to the Big Bad Toy Store! Yes, the evil forces of capitalism are dragging all of my dollars away in exchange for premium trinkets. Well, at least I’ll get something incredible for my $1,800.
That something is a 40″ tall statue of Orlando Bloom as Legolas. But, don’t worry, and it’s the cool Legolas from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, not the one with the weird contact lenses from The Hobbit.
This statue was produced by Infinity Studios. The company makes premium-quality busts and statues of various characters from One Piece, DC movies, and DBZ, to name a few.

Infinity Studio
Infinity Studio
Infinity Studio
Infinity Studio
Infinity Studio
Legolas has plenty of soft goods, and even appears to have a Leaf of Lothlorien clasp. One of the weirdest features has to be the NFC chip inside of the figure’s base. I never knew this was a selling point, but check out these details:

The 1/2 scale Master Forge Series statues are equipped with NFC chips that collectors can touch with their NFC-enabled phones to unlock more information and create more possibilities.

Would you take advantage of this feature? If not, there’s still plenty to like about Legolas:

  • 40.94 inches (104cm)
  • Made of polystone, fabric, and PVC
  • From The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring movie
  • Life-like detail
  • Real fabric clothing
  • Sculpted hair

Sorry, no brushable hair here. We all know who will be disappointed the most by this news. I’d be very interested to know if the outfit is hand-stitched. Call me a stickler, but for a price like that, I want to know that some genuine craftsmanship is put into this thing.
Legolas is still a ways off. He won’t be counting up kills in our homes until the third quarter of 2022.
[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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