Clubhouse Announces ‘Pilot Season’ Launch Of Original Audio Series

The audio-based social media platform Clubhouse is launched a new initiative called the ‘Creators First Program,’ in March. This allowed their users to pitch ideas for original content and original audio series.
Clubhouse said on the company blog that they were “excited to introduce the shows that will participate in Pilot Season. Pilot Season is a throwback idea from the entertainment industry with a modern Clubhouse spin. A process where we go from thousands of submissions to dozens of pilots, or proof of concept episodes, to a handful of ongoing series.”
According to Deadline, this will give “creators $5,000 a month for three months and a panel of judges will listen to each pilot with some chosen to go forward as Clubhouse-backed shows on an ongoing basis.” Clubhouse members will able to listen to all of the pilots.
“Narrowing down the list was the hardest part,” Clubhouse said. “Over the coming weeks, these selected finalists will be sharing their pilot episodes with everyone on Clubhouse.”
They added, “Whatever your interests – from sports and space, to psychics and psychedelics, to history and healthcare – there’s something for everyone.”
With social media and streaming services bringing original content to users, it is no surprise that Clubhouse would want to expand into this arena. This is especially true considering Hollywood celebrities such as Jared Leto, Chris Rock, and Kevin Hart all have a presence on the platform. Original content could attract more big names to Clubhouse.
The Creators First Finalists include:

  • “The Lobby” hosted by Adrian Grant: A pop-up internet scavenger hunt game hosted by AI “The Lobby” and its human cohost @AdrianGrant. Players compete to win prizes from sponsors by submitting the correct answer using their Clubhouse avatar.
  • “The Global Lowdown” by Alissa Miky and Michael Rosenzweig: Two hosts take on global news, direct-to-consumer, AI, sustainability, politics, and more in both English and Japanese to provide an opportunity for listeners learning Japanese and English to practice their skills.
  • “The Salty Vagabonds Club” by Amanda Dishman, Lauren Ettinger, and Alex Parrish: A series of rooms exploring the concept, realities, and intricacies of Alternative Living such as water/sea, outlanding, bike packing, and road living — #VanLife, bus and RV.
  • “Shift Happens” by Anthony Trucks: A bi-weekly interview show centered on how people have handled major shifts and hardships in their life — such as layoffs, divorce, moving away from home, financial loss, or even death of a loved one — and pivoted to achieve their greatest success and goals.
  • “Beats, Rhymes & Strings” by Butterscotch: Music lovers and professionals assemble in this LGBTIA-inclusive, weekly performance series that ends in a unique combination of Q&A and group performance.
  • “Loss and Gain” Arden Cartrette: Normalizing speaking about miscarriage, this bi-weekly room invites those who have experienced a miscarriage to listen or share their stories.Experts will join in to bond the room through loss, grief, reproductive health struggles, and educational information.
  • “Plant R&R” by Brandon Batstone: A network of psychedelic experts and enthusiasts assemble to create a safe space for sober individuals to explore and integrate alternative recovery methods through plant medicine.
  • “The Frontier Psychiatrists Daily” by Carlene MacMillan, MD: The go-to daily destination for what’s next in mental health, exploring oft-underrepresented topics such as the intersection of creativity, mental illness, and psychedelics.
  • “Be Well, Sis” by Cassandre Dunbar: A weekly interactive show where women with diverse expertise and experiences come together to have an incredibly open and honest conversation that aims to make wellness more inclusive and give the audience real-time actionable insights to improve their wellbeing. Discussions range from the Black Maternal Health Crisis to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome to Incorporating Mindfulness in Daily Living and everything in between.
  • “Comedy Court” by CoreyBe Sherrill, Tina Graham, and Shaina Farrow: Have you been hurt by the justice system? Slighted by law? Or even just lost an argument with yourself in a mirror? There’s only one show where you can be unfairly judged by a panel of comedians. Speakers present their wrongly dismissed cases, grievances, and disputes to a jury of comedians and improvisers for a second opinion.
  • “Sex Sells” by Cyndi Pham: Dissecting the many ways that the concept of “sexy” is marketed, consumed, and monetized is explored and dissected.
  • “Inside K-Pop” by Danny Chung: Three K-Pop experts take on the ins and outs of the industry, what it takes to make it, and K-pop’s impact on culture at large.
  • “Beauty Headlines” by Darian Symoné Harvin: A club for industry professionals, beauty junkies, and all those curious. We go beyond skin deep into the power of the beauty industry, why it holds so much influence, and how it shapes the way we see ourselves.
  • “On the Bench” by Darius Butler: Current, former, and future pros are asked to discuss their personal experiences and current events in sports.
  • “Veterans Network” by David “DP” Pineda: To create a community for Veterans through compassion, we’ll focus on entrepreneurship, mental and physical health, and the unique and vital space Veterans occupy.
  • “Offsiders” by Eliana Nieto, Pablo Giralt, Alex Candal, Claudio “Turco” Husain, Samuel Vargas and Andrea Vergara: For the most passionate soccer lovers, this Spanish-speaking show hosts the most up-to-date conversations and debates about the sport globally.
  • “The Food Porn Trading Desk” by Elie Ayrouth: A rotating panel of the Internet’s top food creators meet to share their creations and allow space for green foodies to get feedback and inspiration from the pros.
  • “Sacred Realms” by Eric James Montgomery and Indrani Pal-Chaudhuri: An anthropological look into religion, myth, magic, and science. A new way to share, distribute and grow knowledge about all things sacred, the social sciences, and humanities.
  • “Facial Recognition Comedy” by Fizaa Dosani: An interactive stand-up comedy show highlighting a lineup of comedians from underrepresented demographics. Comedians bring the audience members on stage, creating an immersive and uniquely hilarious experience.
  • “Mom!” by Gabby Cole: Mothers create a safe space to normalize the concept of self-care in motherhood through discussion, storytelling, and Q&As.
  • “Deep Flow” by Hamza, Isiah C., and Alex C.: Hip-hop enthusiasts share and defend their opinions on some of the most critical questions in the genre, such as the best decade for hip hop and what criteria make for true GOATs.
  • “NNPR: Not National Public Radio” by Henry Kaiser: A powerful public radio parody, featuring a dynamic roster of characters, hosts, and guests providing comedic programming on arts & culture in an organically fun and interactive way.
  • “Serial Killer Speed Dating” by Jacob Patterson and Abel Horowitz: Eligible daters try to find a potential match, all while trying to figure out and avoid the one who is a serial killer. “Shoot your shot” has never been so real.
  • “Behind the Beauty” by Jaleesa Jaikaran: This show takes you on a journey with the industry’s most inspiring voices. From creators, founders, and the artists you love — join us weekly for a candid conversation on life, business, and beauty.
  • “Nightmare Fuel” by Jed Shepherd and Barbara Crampton: The leading voices in horror let the fans in on interviews, reviews, previews, and Q&As for all things horror-related.
  • “Hash It Out” by JESSICADRUE: Bring your fights and feuds to the stage so we can work it out together! Debates ranging from the most intimate and interpersonal to office offenses are brought to light with periodic breaks for current events.
  • “Look What You Did” by Jordan Rubin: In the vein of DVD commentary tracks, filmmakers and entertainers watch and discuss one of their own films with movie-fan hosts.
  • “Heart to Heart” by Julian Broadus: Julian Broadus seeks conversation with other intellectuals.
  • “Pretty Bad, Pretty Cool” by Kacie Willis: Giving A-list air time to B-list movies, television shows, and music to discover the value in every creation, even the very good/bad.
  • “Bippity Boppity…Who?” by Karen Summerton: Disney lovers test their knowledge of the magical world to compete for the chance to say they know the House of Mouse best.
  • “The Pop Spot” by Katrina Mitzeliotis Lanza: An entertainment news operation covering all the gossip and headlines in the world of celebrity and the film and TV industries. A rotating panel of celebrities, comedians, and guests co-host give insight into all things pop culture.
  • “Career Crush” by Kelsey Alpaio: Professionals with “dream jobs” — Twitch streamers, software engineers, photographers, and more — for the millennial- and Gen-Z-minded share what it takes to get a job like theirs with an editor at Harvard Business Review.
  • “Jury Duty” by Lavender: The day’s hottest topics are put on the docket to be debated by a panel of 12 jurors with input from the audience. Everyone gets the chance to speak and make predictions when discussing and recapping high-profile cases.
  • “The Psychic Pool Party” by LeoRising Scott, Heather Carlucci, Garciela Asher: A social room for guests in the fields of personal power and psychic aptitude. We seek the intersection between clairvoyant viewpoints, pop culture, politics, and metaphysical ethics.
  • “Positively Sexy” by Lila Donnolo: This show explores the notion of intimacy in a series of deep, dynamic, and pleasurable discussions that unravel complex, sex-positive topics with care and respect.
  • “Support Services” by Lynn Mendelsohn: An out-reach network from and for mothers on children with special needs, providing resources and discussing the ins and outs of motherhood.
  • “The History Of Hair” by Nibi Lawson: Through a variety of styles for each session — interviews, dialogue, poetry, and prose — this series creates a space to explore the history and culture of hair in all its wonderful, texturally diverse glory.
  • “The Sound of Clubhouse” by Paul Kim: An original a cappella comedy musical specifically written for Clubhouse.
  • “Thought Experiment” by Rahaf Harfoush and Kat Cole: A weekly exploration of thought provoking ideas to help us better lead at work and at home. Leading thinkers. Intimate discussion. Actionable Insights.
  • “Command Your Brand” by Rich Cardona: Experts and content creators audit an audience member’s existing personal brand or help them build one of their own.
  • “A Thousand Words” by Rick Smolan: A conversation with the world’s leading photojournalists, examining their portfolio and technique.
  • “Clubhouse Squares” by Robert Keniston, Miz Diagnosis (AKA Dobbs DeCorsey), and Jack Lamont: Two contestants play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe by “agreeing” or “disagreeing” with the answers provided by a panel of celebrities/influencers to simple trivia questions.
  • “UFO-logy” by Roderick Martin: Uncover the possibility of new truths and lies you never knew you were told, in a recurring UFO and extraterrestrial focused show hosted by one of the world’s only Black certified UFO investigators. This show asks for believers to not look up to the stars, but what’s happening here on earth with those who have been impacted.
  • “Letters To My Younger Self” by Ruby Holland: A collaborative live healing session. Audience members come on stage to share a letter of love, advice, or reflection for their former selves.
  • “Culture Collector” by Samia Grand-Pierre: Weekly thought-provoking conversations centered around sneaker culture, fashion, music, art collecting, and media headlines.
  • “Are You Trippin’?” by Shawn Kathleen: A weekly room highlighting the circumstances that can only happen on public transportation to build a community around respectful and enjoyable travel.
  • “Poetry in Motion” by Tar’kesa Colvin: A three-part poetry showcase for up-and-coming spoken word poets to publish a set of books.
  • “When Things Go South” by Taryn Southern: Each week, cancer survivor Taryn Southern sits down with entrepreneurs, storytellers, authors, scientists, and other thought leaders to explore the mental, physical and spiritual strategies they use to optimize potential and transcend life’s most challenging moments.
  • “Dingers” by Tyler Childs, Robert Rose, and Jonathan Mason: A fantasy baseball show focused on sound decision-making and strategies, going beyond data and analytics.
  • “Radio Play” by Tyron Hoisten: An updated version of the radio drama. This immersive original scripted series is performed live on a rotating basis and then discussed by the audience.
  • “Red, White, and Bougie” by Victoria Blackwell and Elizabeth Joseph: An hour-long global topic chat show with a unique transatlantic prescriptive.
  • “A Little Soapy” by Willonius Hatcher: A semi-improvised daily comedic soap opera.
  • “Hairology” by Yomi Onashile: A centralized, safe space for the hair community to congregate, commune, and discuss the intersectionalities of the black hair experience.

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