Clownfish Studios 2023 Comics Crowdfunding Schedule!

We have a lot going on at Clownfish Studios that you don’t see.

One of the things we’re doing this year is to start pushing into becoming a “real” publisher, and we’ve got at least three pre-order/crowdfunding campaigns coming at you. I’m hoping that we’ll be able to keep a quarterly schedule in the future.

Crimson Rhen Vol. 1 is off to the printers and is a fantastic book that we’re very, very proud of. Check out the final cover below!

So what’s next after Crimson Rhen?

Clownfish TV: The Comic Book?! (April 2023)

In the next few weeks, we’ll be launching a campaign for Jiunn Wong’s comic collection Previously on Clownfish TV. Jiunn was drawing super cute fan comics based on some of the banter in our videos, and we liked them so much that we wanted to pay him to produce a weekly webcomic for us. Something, something pandemic, and we decided instead to offer the collection on copious amounts of dead trees!

In addition to brand new comics content, we’ll be pairing this campaign up with some brand new Clownfish TV merch, including new pin designs. Stay tuned!


Shadowbinders Returns! (Early Summer 2023)

For the first time in nearly a decade, the steampunk webcomic returns with brand new material! Shadowbinders Collection Vol. 3 will collect the final two chapters of the webcomic version of the series in addition to the brand-new Chapter 13. And then it’s all brand new material from here on out! Making the jump to print from a webcomic (and working with a production team) will finally allow us to make Belatyr look the way it always did in our minds! 


Crimson Rhen Part 2! (Fall 2023)

The second part of Crimson Rhen’s origin story, Crimson Rhen and the Mystery of the Traverse, will crowdfund this Fall. Once again, Jose Garcia will be lending his considerable talent to help wrap up Crimson Rhen’s very first adventure and and answer the many questions posed by a mysterious mansion known as The Traverse!


2024 and Beyond…

We’re still formulating our plan for 2024 and beyond. But we’re tentatively hoping to launch our own tabletop RPG system, Adventure Engine! You can sign up for news as it becomes available at

We’re also hoping to be able to produce at least one Shadowbinders volume annually. Rhen and Mia have a long way to go yet! We’ve barely gotten into the meat of the story yet, and we’re excited to finally be able to continue the adventures in Belatyr.

And we haven’t even mentioned some other worlds and stories we’ve been sitting on for years. We literally have a decade of adventures waiting to be told. And with your continued support, I think we can do this!

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Thom 'Kneon' Pratt
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