‘Catwoman: Hunted’ Voice Cast Discuss The Anime Inspired Film

Warner Media is expanding their animation adaptions of DC Comics with the upcoming film ‘Catwoman: Hunted.’ The movie will follow Selina Kyle on an international adventure that will have encounters with villains like Black Mask, Ra’s al Ghul, and Nosferatu as well as heroes like Batwoman.
The filmmakers have been showcasing several aspects of the film, specifically the animation style which is meant to resemble the animation of a classic anime. Catwoman voice actress Elizabeth Gillies expressed her enthusiasm for the movie and her love for the animation in an interview with DC Universe.
“I loved it,” she explained. “It was funny because I didn’t realize it was going to be anime style until pretty late in the game. I was doing my final round of ADR and I was like ‘Oh my god, this is so cool. I had no idea.’ And once I saw the final product, I was so intrigued by the jazz score. The combination of that and the anime style was so unique. I was really into it.”
“It was so much fun,” Gillies continued. “It was a big part of me wanting to do this movie. I love that they decided to explore their relationship, and how in-depth it gets with their dynamic. It’s fun to see Catwoman toying with her sexuality and enjoying the banter with Batwoman. Even though she’s trying to manipulate Batwoman, and throw her off her game, she also likes her. There’s something about her that intrigues Selina, so she wants to keep playing with her and poking her.”
Batwoman voice actress Stephanie Beatriz agreed, “I think it’s a dynamic that we’ve seen over and over in a lot of film and TV.”
She added, “This push-pull, slightly flirty, antagonistic, thrilling relationship. They kind of push each other’s buttons, but they also make each other laugh a little bit. There is a lot of mutual respect going on there, but there is also some toying with one another. It was really fun to play.”
Zehra Fazal, the voice of Nosferatu, also praised the direction of the movie.
“When I first saw her design during the pickup sessions, I freaked out,” she revealed. “One, because of the Greg Weisman and Gargoyles connection, and two, I was working with voice director Jamie Thomason, who voice directed Gargoyles. So, I had a nerd-out with Jamie while we were working on it. I’m so ridiculously lucky to be collaborating with people I was a fan of as a child.”
This is not the first DC animated movie to be inspired by anime as the film anthology ‘Batman: Gotham Knight’ featured segments illustrated by various anime artists.
You can see for yourself as ‘Catwoman: Hunted’ is currently available on DVD and digital platforms.

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