Carol Danvers Takes Flight As Captain Marvel In New Comic Book Series

Marvel Comics is relaunching Captain Marvel in a new comic book series with a different creative team. Giving her a new costume, Carol Danvers gets an unexpected ally to help her against the Omen, a new terrifying villain.

“Following Kelly Thompson’s historic run, writer Alyssa Wong and Marvel’s Stormbreaker artist Jan Bazaldua are taking the reins and catapulting Carol Danvers into her explosive next era,” Marvel said on a website. “October’s CAPTAIN MARVEL #1 will be a parade of exciting debuts as Carol sports an all-new costume courtesy of artist Jen Bartel, gains an unlikely partner in a street thief named Yuna, and becomes the target of a dangerously fresh new archenemy known as the Omen!

They added, “The pulse-pounding first issue kicks off a saga packed with cosmic repercussions as a reality-devouring entity known as the Undone realizes that Captain Marvel is the only hero powerful enough to stop it from annihilating Earth. In the opening arc, witness the Undone’s bold plan to take Carol off the board and how it unleashes chaos for Captain Marvel, Yuna, and the entire Marvel Universe!”

They also released a “first look” at the cover from artist Stephen Segovia:

Wong expressed her excitement for the new series saying, “I’m so excited to be writing Captain Marvel!”

She continued, “Carol is such an iconic character with a rich history, and I can’t wait to add to her story. It’s an honor to work with Jan and I hope everyone enjoys what we’ve got coming!”

Carol Danvers made her debut comic book appearance in the 1968’s ‘Marvel Super-Heroes #13.’ She became Ms. Marvel in a self-titled comic book series. Later, she would take on the identities Binary and Warbird while working with the Avengers. Danvers would become Captain Marvel in 2012’s ‘Avenging Spider-Man #9.’

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